Chascot and the Devil's Loup


  Alexander Wightman


All characters in this book are fictitious and any resemblance to real people is purely coincidental.



Chap 1


We all stood gazing up at the tree. The ginger cat was crouched among the very topmost branches.

            "Puss, puss," Roxie called again in her best coaxing voice and held out her hands but he never moved a muscle.

            "I expect we shall have to call the fire brigade," sighed Lady Jane.

            "I don't know how the devil he managed to get into the engine in the first place," muttered the dumper truck driver with a puzzled frown. "I have never seen a cat shift like it. When I started up he came out from somewhere near the fan belt and went up that tree like a rocket. I could have swore I saw smoke coming from his tail."

            "Well it would do if it went around the fan belt a few times," Lady Jane murmured.


            "Anyway it doesn't look like he is going to come back down like a rocket," said Lady Jane with a look of resignation on her beautiful aristocratic face. "In fact it doesn't look like he plans on ever coming down again."

            We were standing in front of Lady Jane's big house where the workmen were digging out a great hollow which was to form the base of an ornamental lake. While all this muttering and sighing was going on I was reaching into my pocket.

            I remember asking one of Dad's pilot friends if he had ever made a parachute jump. He told me the only thing that would get him out of an aeroplane in a parachute would be if the terror inside was worse than the terror outside. Using the same logic I surreptitiously fitted a stone into the leather holder made from the tongue of one of Tom's old boots. I hauled back the elastic of my home made catapult to its fullest extent, took snap aim, and let fly. By sheer luck it turned out to be a really good one. The branch just behind the cat's tail gave a crack as the stone caught it square on. The cat's hair went straight up on end like he had just taken a thousand volts. He came down the tree trunk like the clappers. In fact he came down about twice as fast as he had gone up which was saying something.

            Lady Jane gaped at me in open mouthed silence as the rest of us watched the cat zig zag into the wood at warp ten.

            I think Lady Jane regards me in some awe. I expect it is admiration for my ability with animals and my powers of lateral thinking.



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