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Northumberland Photos






















Village church

Shed in winter  (like Granny's)

Ford in lonnen

Pond at dusk

Rider  (like Lady Jane)

Collie  (like Sam)

Elderly lurcher  (like Arf)

Ancient ruin  (like Gaunt Castle)

Fishing village harbour  (like Hodie)

Moors  (like Devil's Loup)

Blackface tup

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Northumberland Links

             Local school of wizardry             

Another castle

Nearby island

Northumbrian village

Granny's fav butcher 

Tom's fav pub



Oman Links


Pictures of Oman

Jamaican Links

Rasta Daddy Coo



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Alexander Wightman was born in a village thirty miles from the Scottish Border and four miles from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft, or Alnwick Castle as it used to be known.

In his boyhood he cycled around a countryside steeped in history and legend from Romans to Reivers and with more castles and bastles and pele towers than any other county in England. He paid scant attention because he was dreaming about aeroplanes.

As a young man he joined the Royal Air Force and qualified as a pilot. At the end of his service he moved to Oman where he continued flying in the Sultan's Air Force. He also began scribbling.

He now lives near Bristol with his wife Alma but still travels regularly to the county of his first love - Northumberland.




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